Cassie is a French-American illustrator and graphic designer living in Carlisle, PA.

Cassie was born in France and grew up there until she traveled to the USA in 2011 to attend Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA.  There, she majored in Studio Art and worked on developing her design skills.  She then discovered a love for animation through an independent study.  After graduating from college in May of 2015, she went on to pursue a Master's degree in Animation at SCAD (Savannah, GA).

During her time in grad school, Cassie changed her focus from actual animation to illustration and design (including character, environment, and graphic design). She also developed an interest for 3D Modeling, and learned how to use Autodesk Maya. She graduated from SCAD in December of 2016.

Nowadays, her goal is to meld her love for the visual arts and the music industry, as she absolutely loves attending concerts and working with musicians.

Other interests include caramelizing onions, cross stitching and hiking around the Appalachian Trail in PA.

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